Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you have branches everywhere in Zimbabwe?
Zambuko has branches across the country with the Head Office in Harare and branches in Bindura, Mutare, Masvingo, Gweru and Bulawayo.
2Who qualifies for a loan?
We give loans to those who have projects that are running and have more than 6 months in existence.
3 Why is it that Zambuko does not give start up loans?
We want a person to start up using his /her funds so that when we give out a loan, the person will have a better understanding of the business.
4How much can one access the first time of loan application?
It depends with the nature of the project and activity on the ground. Money is given based on activity on the project.
5What do I need to access a loan?
We give loans to individuals who need a guarantor with enough income to cover the loan. We also give to groups who co-guarantee each other.
6What is the tenure of your loans?
The tenure of our loans ranges between 3 and 6 months.
7What is the turnaround of a business loan?
Our turnaround is within a week, provided all required documentation is available.
8After the first loan, how long do I wait to apply for a new loan?
If you did well on your previous loan, you don’t have to wait. Upon reapplication and re-assessment, you get the loan.
9Do you offer salary based loans?
YES, we have school fees loans and micro-housing loans which can be salary based.
10Can my guarantor also apply for a loan whilst mine is still running?
Your guarantor is your co-principal debtor, as long as your loan is still running, then he owes us as well.
11Why don’t you have branches in small towns?
We are still mobilizing people in those areas, and when we will have more clients we will open new branches there.
12 Is it not possible for a guarantor to sign and secure the loan for the whole year than frequently asking for a guarantor to come and sign let’s say after every 3months because most of them will be occupied with work?
Each loan is a standalone contract that requires the consent of all parties involved to commit through signing the contract hence the requirement for the guarantor to sign for each new loan.