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Enterprise Loans

Working Capital

Zambuko Trust gives micro-entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase their working capital and take advantage of short-term investments in their business. This product facilitates financing to small and medium entrepreneurs in the commercial, industrial or service sectors to meet their working capital needs or making investments in their businesses. The loans are typically between 3 to 12 months repayment period.

Order Finance

A standalone or parallel loan to assist businesses to meet once off high capital requirements to meet an order.

Asset Finance

An individual loan product to acquire key Assets for the growth and sustenance of businesses.

Agriculture Loans

Loans that will help our clients boost their agriculture productivity and feed the nation.

Non-Enterprise Development Credit

The loans are non-enterprise, but promote development and improvement of quality of life for the individual and family. Repayment period ranges between 3 to 12 months repayment period.

Micro-housing Loan (Housing Improvement Loan)

Micro-housing Loans are granted to finance all types of work ranging from minor repairs or improvements made to the home, to incremental house construction on flexible terms. We apply the principles of microfinance to housing, addressing the bottleneck in the housing value chain for many low-income households.
The loan is available to both micro-entrepreneurs and formally employed applicants with a repayment period up to 24 months.

Education Loans

Loans to assist parents in buying books, uniforms, shoes and to pay high school or college fees for their children. Our education loan is earmarked to assist our clients to accord their children that rare opportunity to go to college or university on affordable and flexible terms, because we believe supporting education is an investment for a lifetime. The loans are typically between 3 to 12 months repayment period.

Green Energy Loans

Loan product to facilitate purchase of basic solar products for lighting, solar water heating and pumping systems that help rural clientele to enhance the quality of live while greening the environment.

Business Development Services

Business Development Services (BDS) are services that improve the performance of the enterprise, its access to markets, and its ability to compete. Zambuko Trust provides Trainings in Financial Education, Basic Business Management, Voluntary Savings and Lending groups training and incubation.

In addition to access to capital, Financial and Business Literacy are necessary tools to extricate the marginalised out of poverty.